New swiss guy (bern)

Yeah yeah!

So happy that I've found this forum. I am a french/english speaker and a german learner, now living in Bern, Switzerland.

I was what you guys call a natural till about 5 years ago, the moment my heart crashed & burned in a oneitis relationship. Once out of it, 3 years ago, i had lost all self-esteem.

Two years ago, a friend of mine had introduced me to pua material (the game, mystery, rsd), and it immediatly helped me to regain amazing successes, better than ever before. But I was terribly lacking of inner game, so my progress up till today, has been more like a roller-coaster than a straight and smooth line up... sometimes even giving up for short periods... mainly, i must admit, because i couldn't find a way to motivate guys around me to join the game. Well now things have changed, got some really cool guys in different parts of Switzerland really decided to make give their most in changing their lifes.

I joined this forum, hoping to find some more advanced PUA's, both in Switzerland and all over Europe, so we could meet, travel and make progress together. I will also soon have my appartment furnished and plan to organise workshops and sarging briefs. So guys, from Switzerland and the rest of the world, please get in touch with me and let's make this change happen!