Pluto IS a planet!

hey guys.

I am a 20 yr old living in phoenix and studying at a university here. In high school, I thought I was pretty good with the girls but in retrospect i was horrible. I'm sure everyone is familiar with the classic AFC mistakes so I won't elaborate. I wish I could go back in time knowing what I know now.

In my freshman and sophomore college years, my successes with women were few and far between. I could generate attraction but never knew where to go from there. My non-verbal communication was horrible and my dress style was plain.

A year and a half ago, I met HB8 in one of my classes. I donít think she got to go out too often because of her difficult major so she wasnít that experiencedÖ. Even so, I was unable to succeed with her. My pathetic attempts with her lasted for about half a year. After she flaked on me for the last time, I began to look for ďpick up linesĒ and ďhow to get a womanís phone numberĒ on the internet and stumbled upon a forum discussing Styleís book, The Game. Thatís how I first discovered the community.

I eagerly read that book and I was hungry for more. Other material I have read/listened to are: The Art of Seduction, MM, Carlos Zumaís Secrets of the Alpha Man, Magic Bullets, Savoyís Routine Manual 1 and 2, Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?, The Power of Body Language, David Dís 77 Laws of Success with Women and Dating, Liz Larsenís 30 Second Seduction, A Swingcat audio program, Tommy Orlandoís Playerís Handbook, Zanís Enlightened Seduction, various social psychology texts, and I am constantly reading new material on pick up and psychology. Please donít hesitate to PM or post if youíve read one of these and would like to discuss. Also, note that Iím listing these so people can find a common topic to discuss with me. I donít expect people to gauge my level of skill based on these.

Iíve read and internalized many ideas from these books and programs and I can definitely say Iím better off now than I was a year ago. My game isnít that great. My results are less consistent than I would like. I can tease and banter with girls I feel comfortable with but when a really hot girl comes along, its deer-in-headlights all over again. I guess Iíve read and considered many models and theories. Now, I just have to learn to apply them consistently in the field. I definitely have the drive to keep improving and it would be great if I found some wings here to go out with.