Hi Guys

Hello people...... Newbie here saying hello. 37 y/o SoCal Resident. Been separated from my wife of 5 yrs. for a few mos. now.Talk about one-itis! Most likely getting a divorce. She developed her social life while we were married and I didn't. I was content to just be with her (and "settle down"). Looking back I know I should have kept developing my social life. Want to improve Skills with women and social situations in general. Interestingly enough, I Was heavily involved with Methamphetamines and other drugs from the time I was 17 until 3 1/2 years ago (I thank God I still have my teeth and health and looks!). I 've been clean for about 3 1/2 years now.I know that really stunted my emotional growth. What's really difficult for me is making new friends. Most people have a few people that they kept in touch with from school, but I don't. After High school until 2006 or so I was heavily involved in drugs and through out that time I never made any real friends, just druggie buddies. So now my only friends are the 27 y/o guys I work with (who have no money to do ANYTHING) and some other guys I train with ( been doing martial arts for 2.5 years) but they all live really far. Well I'm just happy to be here.