New here

Hello everyone. I am 32, from Austin TX, and out of a 7 year relationship and I am lost. I haven't dated in over 7 years, and while I have been able to get phone numbers from women, most of them being real numbers, I can't seem to get any actual dates. Or if I do, I clam up when the opportunities arise.

I've met a couple of girls that I really like, one of which is (according to her sister) attracted to me, and the other is a stripper.

The one girl I think will just take a little time. She has been opening up to me more lately. I think we may be entering friend mode though.

The stripper, I'm sure you are thinking that she is playing me. She very well might be. I find it hard to tell though because ever since I met her I havent given her any money. Except when she is on stage and no one else is tipping her. She will sit with me the entire night, just talking. Sometimes not even talking. If there are paying customers and she needs money, she tells me she is going to go talk to some people, and usually she comes back after a couple of songs. We exchanged phone numbers the first night, we text each other now and then, and talk on the phone. For a while it seemed that we both shared strong attraction. She would kiss me quite passionately (which according to her stripper friends, she doesn't do). When I walk into the club, she would come up behind me and kiss me. She always seemed to have extra bounce in her step when she was around me.

She always suggests that we hang out, and she got mad at me for not inviting her to certain events. So I invited her to a festival and she was excited. Never came to pass though. I have asked her to hang out a few times, and she agreed but never followed through. I don't know if it's just talk to get me to keep coming back to the club, or if she gets sidetracked easily.

Anyways, sorry if my rant seems to jump around. I'm slightly hung over.