My introduction

I feel my life has started to change already...

One of my friends was going on at me for several months to watch the Mystery Method, and when I finally got round to watching it I learnt so much. I then read The Game, and started reading stuff online (which led me to here).

At first I had my doubts, especially as I'd seen The Game in bookstores and realised that so many more people must know about this stuff than 4-5 years ago... but then I thought about what I wanted to achieve and realised that it doesn't matter how many people know about MM, openers and negs - I want to go further than that. I have a desire to change myself, which I think is the point of "the game"... it's not (only) about using techniques to get 10s into bed, it's about becoming the person you want to be and then learning how to express yourself to the world.

I've looked at my life, and can see that there are areas where I need to improve myself; I can dress better, I can converse better and I can make myself more attractive to the type of women I would like to meet. In short I want to become the person that I've always been capable of being but am not.

I want to learn natural game. My own game.

I'm looking forward to learning