Jester is coming back into the game... Thanks to Fader and Sherriff

It's been quite a while since I was on here and even when I was I don't think that I formally introduced myself. The forum has changed a lot since I was on here when I first started.

I started in the game back in 2005 with David De Angelo's DYD, I managed to stumble across it after getting fustrated when I lost a girl I really liked. I think a lot people had a similar experience when they first started. I'll never forget that moment, I had her it was all going well, then I lost her to another guy because he had better game. Never again I vowed.

As I reached new levels I found new weaknesses, so my learning grew and spanned from DYD to TMM to Juggler to Badboy to David Shade. All very good in their own rights for different things. I evolved into a mesh up of all the different styles for different times, different girls and different moods. I soon realised that the routines are really crutch to learn the core foundations and focused on becoming the High Value guy with standards that I wouldnt settle for less on. This worked very well for me.

After a year long open LTR, I decided that I really wanted that sole emotional connection with one woman. I chose this for a variety of reasons. The sex is better, gaming every week gets tiring and I really wanted to focus on other endeavours i.e business and investing. Having that support and a rock is essential.

So I went on the hunt, qualifying hard for what I wanted and after a couple of months I found what I was looking for. Well so I thought, the first 4 months were great. Looking back, of course it was it was the honeymoon period! We booked tickets to go on our OE together and it was all great. Slowly things started to fall apart, but it was all masked by the plans for going overseas. Not long after we arrived and got our lives in order we broke up, mutually.

Turned out that woman that I thought I had qualified so hard, actually wasn't what I thought she was. She had a great cover story and when the emotions kick in it's really too late. Your emotionally (and otherwise) commited and invested by that stage. I hit rock bottom for a while there, I couldn't understand where I had gone soo wrong. How could I have messed it up soo badly? I had been helping ALOT of other guys with their game, I had been very successful before this. It didnt make sense, I went back over and over it again. I couldn't see where I went astray. David Shade's Select Woman Wisely really helped with all this. After reading that, I realised exactly where I went wrong, learnt my lessons and my road to recovery began. It has been a long road.

I forced myself to start dating girls again. I was in London at the time and over there Internet dating is the way forward. It was liking shooting fish in a barrell. I was setting up 4-5 dates a week and then chosing the best of the bunch working them into my spare time and cancelling on the rest. But even still, I just wasnít into it. I was still carrying baggage. I had forgotten what the game was like and how it was played and I just couldnít get my motivation back.

It wasnít until I was on a date and randomly got opened by Sherriff and some other guy, with ĎIs kissing cheating?í. I couldnít believe it, some guy was opening my set with stock material from The Game. I naturally called him on it. Then I saw how well it was working and it started to come back to me, suddenly I didnít mind so much. That was about 9 months ago.

I since moved back home and had to re-establish myself here in my hobbies, interests, business and life in general. I have been solely focusing on me. Iím allowed to be selfish! Part of me wanted to get back into the game and part of me didnít. Most of me just wanted to focus on setting up my business. I knew in my current state I wasnít the High Value guy that I really am, so I had to work on that.

Iím now back to being that achieving, successful High Value guy with hobbies, interests, a good business, a busy life and a good social circle. I can tell you this, itís a great feeling!

Recently I received one of the emails from LSi where Fader was talking about his experience and return back to the game. I really resonated with his experience and thoughts on this. It was almost like he was talking to me and this has kicked me back into gear. So thank you Fader! And also Sherriff, even if you did cut my lunch haha. You made me remember how powerful this game really is, when itís played right.

Now Iím starting to put some more energy into this, it is all coming back to me pretty quickly. Iíve made a rule with myself that I will be pushing every set as far as possible and looking back over it to relearn.

I am on the search for another girlfriend, but she has to meet my standards. As Fader said in his email, Love really is worth it. On the way Iím sure I will be having a lot of fun again! Iím looking forward to getting back to the point where if a girl I wanted is in a situation where; she is emotionally available, I can talk to her and touch her, that what will happen is only inevitable and a matter of time and logistics.