Story of My Life

Well im 15 in 9th grade and had aalways had a problem with women.My dad tried helping me but the way my parents are is that they want me to be a geek or the a preppy little kid who is the same as everybody else so i wont get a girl pregnat before im married and so because of that im bad with women. For the last three years ive had a couple gfs but my problem was i guess i come off strong and insult more than being playful and being the dork in class everybody doesnt like. Ive always have been needy i guess and i had a problem knowing if they actually like me or not, but this year i saw mystery on vh1 when it came out on tv and i started looking more and more into it and ive used bits and pieces here and there.Im very social person i guess u can say i practiced it on parents when i went to church cuase i seemed to make friends better with adults rather than kids my age but since i saw that show on tv ive been getting better with girls, not the best i still have problems so i guess thats why im here.Ive opened sets before like one time i was in field and found a 3 set and so i went up to them right away and threw out my opener i forgot the opener but i think it was like is it ok to getting into a sexual relationship when he thinks it over but the girl doesnt and i went into detail and gave them a reason why i was asking and blah blah blah. and it was going smooth untill there was this sudden pause and nobody was saying anything so me being a newbie i said my goodbyes and left.I have opened another one successfully but i didnt get a kiss so long story short went tubbing had my wing /cuzzin and we talked held hands while jumped off the rocks made fun of them and i asked for the numbers at the end but they didnt have fones so all i got was a hug from both girls. So here i am now wanting to get on a daily schedule to this and if anybody could help i would appreciate it.

P.s im vary into music and use live stories and the fact i play 7 different instruments as social proof just if sombody would find this helpful to helping me

p.s.s Yes i know im lame