Allow myself to introduce...myself

why don't I start with my introduction, I got out of a two year relationship in May of this with a girl who absolutely worshiped me, unfortunately I was immature and couldn't handle her past and I let her go, I regretted it of course but it was too late, that's a whole nother story and any one who's seen the movie chasing amy could see what I'm talking about...

After that I dated a hot mom for a bit and it went well in the beginning but it fizzled after a few months

I used to live in northern virginia/DC/MD. but just relocated to southern Va last week...

One day during this summer I was at the book store and decided that I would stop by the relationship and sex section and I saw a nice thick book called "The Game" by Neil Strauss. I decided to skim through it and after reading for about 15 minutes, decided to take the book with me even if it did cost me 35-40 bucks, it seemed invaluable to have access to this kind of knowledge. I had stumbled upon the seduction community before, and by stumbled I mean that I read some of David DeAngelo's stuff way back when, you know what I mean the articles that are floating on and dating websites, but that's about all I knew about the PUA community before picking up this book. I was absolutely amazed at what I read on that book. The transformation from Neil to styles was nicely authored and every interaction with top PUA's was intriguing. I was having trouble meeting women and this book opened my eyes to a new exciting world. I was a late bloomer like Mystery and trying to make up for lost time. Most importantly not only do I hope to improve with women but also to be a better person in general.

I joined DC Metro PUA and am now fully immersed in the game. I have sarged many times, mostly at nightclubs, bars, and a bit of day game. I absolutely love it. I've number closed hot chicks and countless other girls, opened up tens and hired guns, f-closed some girls(not hot ones, I have to improve on that).

The PUA world gives guys like me who were late bloomers, the tips and help that they need to succeed with women and continue to reproduce, after all not all of us were blessed with the gift of natural ability with women so I fully support the community.

I also devoured the Mystery Method, Double your dating, Natural Game and have seen countless of video footage of pick-ups

Looking for wings near the Va Beach/hampton roads area.

Danny aka Romeo( I know there's probably other romeos in the forum)