An rAFC say hi here..............

Frankly Me, 22. Never date a woman b4.

I start my 1st game very occasionally, as i was 'pre-selected' one day inside a barista school, the target approach me without hestitate. I enter the set 1 without any openers by myself. Then what is the big deal at that time--------i never read any materials relating to the community but only saw a documentary prog. in Hong Kong about speed seduction. At that time, i just boost as much inner game as i have(well..... at that time i dunna these technical terms, so simply just remind myself 'confidence').then 1st dating that afternoon.Then 2nd dating she even want me to touch her hand. Most of the time on dating that she talk much about her life to me. So the 2 dating experince give me a lot enlightment on womens mind and what inner game i already have and what i should improve.

However, this close realtionship didnt last long as i expect, i am getting more bright picture that shes not suit for what one of my second objectives that means to get a LTR(there are some clues from hers behavior and mind that provide me an answer). But anyway, the game isnt finish until she back from holiday and see what further response from her.