A more fundamental problem

A more fundamental problem

Discuss A more fundamental problem at the Introductions within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; A more fundamental problem Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum. So I'm 19, Canadian, ...

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    A more fundamental problem

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum.

    So I'm 19, Canadian, and my goal in life is to become good when it comes to dealing with women; I want to be able to meet women that I would like, date them, bed them, and see where it goes from there. I'm not looking to become a PUA like Savoy or Mystery, where success comes by using a canned line especially designed for when you see a beautiful woman driving in the lane next to you or something ridiculous like that, but I'm sure that the two paths will eventually intertwine where I will need a similar skill set.

    Anyhow, my problem is basically my lifestyle/social life: I'm taking a year off from to work until I go to university, so I'm working a full-time job right now. I work early, I come home late (9pm-10pm) and play guitar or spend time on the computer (MSN, video games) and then sleep.

    My social life is the worst: I have a group of friends that I'm not particularly content with; I don't really relate to them, I don't like the same things as them, I don't feel any mutual support and camaraderie where these should be; all in all, I don't feel any chemistry between this group and I. Worst of all, however, is that they aren't good with women.

    The question is this: how do I revamp my life to be in position favorable to meeting a group of friends that I would be satisfied with, and eventually girls?? I've considered some out-of-work activities, but I don't know which to pick, and there's not much I like; I'm not much of a sports guy for one. Where do I go? Where do I turn? As the months go by, I get impossibly impatient, and this dream of mine seems a lot less likely to become reality, which is a scary thought to someone coming out of two years of depression (something that I'm still taking pills for) based on the same reasons. I've tried online dating; that didn't work that well.
    I don't mean to let you in on more than is necessary but I'm sort of getting edgy here; I've never been able to date a girl, let alone make friends with one, and for the first time in my life I feel that I may have a chance, a leg-up, or what have you. I know I'm intelligent, I know I can be competent, and I know I can be funny. The only things I've thought of are superficial things, like getting a decent haircut, getting a tattoo, getting a car, getting into yoga, getting decent clothes, getting cologne, getting in shape (I'm not out of shape, but there's always room for improvement). Can someone tell me what to do? I just need concrete steps to take to get this going for me

    Oh, and if I get any answers like "Just be confident" or "Just be yourself" or "Read Magic Bullets", I'm throwing away my AF login. I need those like I need cancer on my balls.

    I don't want to seem hostile, but yes I am a virgin, and yes it SUCKS!!



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