starting them pua skills ;)

Sup guys, i'm Joost from the Netherlands, a 22 year old guy who's interesting in participating the pua community.

PUA got my attention when i saw the tv program "the Pick Up Artist". I watched whole season 1 now. Although sometimes i thought it was a bit a set up, it got me very interesting, especially when Mystery, Matador and Jdog showed their skills.

Funny part is, i havent read anything about pua-skill but during watching that tv show i heard somethings i could use, so i did!

Its amazing how all this works.

I used to be the guy whos standing at the bar with his friends just drinking beer and hope for some action. Which didnt happen much. So last weekend i just said fuck it and opened a set of 3 girls and i used the standard things i heared in the show. Funny how they liked it and amazing that it actually works.

I just looked around at the board and it got me very interesting.

For now, i will start reading "the Game" when the mailman delivered it. I also would like to watch some stuff from Mystery, so i will be looking for that too.

Anyone got some other "must read" stuff?

Anyway, i'm glad i found this board.

Take care guys,