Petros Reborn

Technically this isn't an introduction. I've been around a while, I left for a while longer not because of lack in belief in the game but because sometimes as you all know, sarging and pick-up in general can fall by the way side when you have too much other stuff going on in your life.

Today marks the day of my rebirth into the community and the start of my new story to become a true mPUA. I've had some trouble getting back into it and for those of you who never read my initial introduction, here is the link. However that's pretty much useless now as I'm not that person anymore.

I'm looking to getting into this full-on now, asking questions when I have a problem and finding my sticking points and offering people advice when I can, which I've already been doing for about a week lately.

Why am I restarting today? Last night after about a week of re-reading The Game for entertainment on the subway whilst I was on the way to college every morning, I've been reading all about Style's old posts and I kinda missed it all. It got me remembering all the little things and details I had to do. Last night it was Halloween, I was dressed in a $90 King Arthur outfit complete with Excalibur and crown. And in using the game amongst the group of girls that we have in our building I ended up sleeping with this bisexual girl from India.

The success of this has spurred me back into the game again, using the routines an techniques I had some pretty awesome sex last night (which to be honest the last two girls were shit) and now I've made a conscious decision to get back into it all.

So this is the my rebirth, It all begins once again from here, I'm going to start writing up my sticking points and problems and helping other people of this community with theirs.

Let's get this party RE-started.