This is Switserswatser (requested a change from beasty) & i followed the white bunny (matrix) to the inner circle, however i must confess that getting here was easier than i thought it should be.

Start the stopwatch. from opening the leather bound Stylish bible to downloading the free PUA handbook, to finding wings & the need to be a part of THE community. bleep. 3 days 2 hrs 56 min 43, 44 seconds.

I have the habit of suffering from One-itis & onetime i wanted to drown those feelings in the juices of the maidens fitting the description of 36-24-36, but ended up with a Michelin replica. FUCK that shit. er i mean don't fuck that kinda shit.

Any way, here i am after finding the light. This journey is going to be fun, even more than graduating with a masters at 22, owning 2 bmws by 24, 3 motorcycles by 25 & a racing license by 26 (see i still need these surrogates to make me feel good).

I'd like to introduce myself as 'sweet sir walter' & I humbly bow my head to all the other noble souls of this most esteemed gathering.

Yorushku Onagaishi Masu (please take care of me)!