French guy in Germany

Hi guys,

I'm Cyl, 23, I'm french and I am now living in Germany, not so far from the French border.

I am quite new into seduction, I was an AFC for quite a long time, let's say till I was 20 ... Had a lot of bad experiences with girls, usually I didn't get rejected but I always ended in the friend zone, I suppose that a lot of people here had the same kind of experiences.

At 20 I decided to change, and I begun to read a lot of stuff about seduction, like the magic bullets book. I had a few sucess, but unfortunately I got problems with my teeth, I got to wear metal braces for 2 years, and that completely killed my game.

But one month ago, the braces were removed, and I now got a perfect smile My life also changed a lot during the last month, I got my master's degree and I'm now a PhD student in Germany. Now I'm ready and I am really willing to improve my social and seduction skills. I already went to some cool parties here, I will write some field reports very soon !

See ya