Rockin the scene up in Canada

Heyyy everyone, been lurkin around the forums for abit, never really posted anything so I thought I'd say hi.
Got into the game a couple months ago, end of aug..ish. Started out reading as much material as I could and began putting it to use.
I go out roughly 2 nights a week, (I think i'm supposed to be going out 3-4 at this stage?)
I'm in college so it kind of gets in the way(i know, excuses) so I try to run day game

My AA use to be huge but now it doesn't bother me too much. For anyone else who's AA is still through the roof, I'd suggest takig a look at a technique called tapping. I think it was mentioned somewhere on the forum here but yea, it works! Constantly opening sets has helped too of course.

Still got lots to learn!

If anyone else is from Vancouver gimme a shout, always lookin to hang out with some other people invloved in PU