Can't Get Rich With Fool's Gold... Introducing PhoenixClay

One day my barber told me, “It’s guys like you that don’t fuck women. You get fucked by women. See, this shit is about mind control. Anybody can control a woman’s body. But that only lasts for a number of minutes; hours if you’re like me! But what happens after you’re done? She’s back to bein’ her ol’ hoe ass self, fuckin’ the next man. You gotta learn how to control her mind first.”

I let the thought marinate for a few minutes. For someone who got a late start with sex (which was my own choice), I was doing relatively well. But then I looked below the surface—why was I able to have sex with these girls?

…They were all in my social network. The image or reputation that they perceived did the work for me, meaning I had only started from scratch once. Even then, she approached me...

…I was only calling the shots in two of those situations. My barber was right. I was getting fucked-- fool’s gold.

I had become a product of my own bad habits and realized I needed to change.

I thought about all the girls that thought I was ‘cute’ but for some reason never hook up.

I thought about all the men I had seen with no money and were not good looking, but kept a harem of women. There was a certain confidence they walked with, a certain control they had over conversational frames that I hadn’t seemed to figure out.

Not only that, but since I had graduated from college, it has been hard for me to adjust to creating relationships out of thin air. The same tactics I worked around people I knew weren’t working, so these relationships hit a premature wall.

Needless to say, I wanted what my barber was selling—he had photo evidence and video footage on his Blackberry to prove he has gone through plenty of pussy, most of who were well outside of his reach on a superficial level. His philosophy presented some very legitimate truths and it piqued my curiosity.

I could only soak up so much from him in biweekly visits, so I hit the book store. I looked at psychology books, I looked at sex books. They were answering some of the questions, but not enough of them. That’s when I found The Game. Then, I found The Mystery Method.

I've been putting these theories to work and they've already made me a better suitor and I know I'll be a better man for it. I've taken a lot from this PUA community and I cannot wait to give back. By the way, I'm a 22 year old from Atlanta and am looking for wings, so hit me up!