My first post!

Hey guys, been lurking around the forums for a while and thought i'd make my first post. I dont feel like giving my true identity (name,place) but im from Asia and here's soemthing about me.

Well as you may expect :P , i have been a real AFC and social jerk, low confident dude until like half a year ago when i found out about the community. I learned a lot, a LOT and looking back at how i was, the old me and i now are completely different persons! . I've still not lost my virginity (no hurry either :P) but my confidence around women is much higher now than before and i don't run away from them like before lol.

Well its the usual bla bla you hear from n00bs but i had to post cause its my intro ey :P .

I hope to post my first lay report soon!. See you's and thanks for such a great community!