Las Vegas: The username "Ink" was already taken...T_T

Hi, I had to come up with a new name like the title says because that username was already taken. I liked Ink because I have over 20 tattoos that are crucial to my pequot outer game, but oh well. On a side note, I use the "My little sister wants to get a tattoo of her high school boyfriend's name" routine as an integral opener in my repertoire.

I decided to go with "Lie" because that's how a lot of people mispronounce my last name when they see it written. Also, it's kind of a joke because it's an exaggeration of my game as I really don't like lying when picking up, but I have no objections to embellishing or exaggerating...

But anyway, I'm 25. My mom is Vietnamese and my dad is Cambodian and they're parents' parents are Chinese. I was a stereotypical Asian male when it came to picking up women for a long time: unsuccessful, shy, awkward, etc. I started reading The Game when I was in college at Boston University before I moved from Connecticut to Las Vegas. So that was about 2004 or 2005 I think? I let the book collect dust until about 2008 and finished it including the audio book narrated by some dude a couple of months ago in this year. Since then, I have pretty much become addicted to PUA. I guess I have an addictive personality, but I watched both seasons of The Pick Up Artist, Keys to the VIP, and the Mystery Method Video Archive. I'm a visual learner so I have only actually READ so much stuff...I guess I'd probably benefit from bootcamps since I'd actually see it in action for myself, but I'm saving up money for my own place at the moment which isn't going well unfortunately...

But anyway, just a little background: I had my first girlfriend when I was 16 approximately and she was a 5 at best, haha. We only got as far as kissing not even making out. When I was 18 during my first year of college at BU, I felt up this drunk girl at a frat party, but then I got cock blocked by her friends when I took her back to the dorms. I was an aspiring journalist and I had an internship at The Boston Herald.

When print journalism wasn't what I hoped it would be or I just gave up because I'm an idiot or whatever, I joined the army, something I had considered doing while in high school and I wanted to help my family pay for the ever increasing expenses of college.

I was in the Army Reserves for about a year having my bootcamp, the real thing lol, in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and my AIT in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. My MOS was 38 Alpha or Civil Affairs.

After I returned to school though after training...I must have had shell shock or shock from returning to normal life after being confined by rules for almost a year because I had a nervous breakdown or something and I was institutionalized or hospitalized 3 or 4 times in less than a year...which also became increasingly expensive. I mean I was always depressed as a teenager but I thought it was normal teenage angst, but after training I didn't sleep and was spending a lot of money, but I don't think I was really self-destructive or anything. I was soon diagnosed as bipolar and my career in the army was over needless to say obviously.

I took a couple years longer to graduate then most of my colleagues, but on the bright side I made a lot more friends that way. I guess I was kind of a late bloomer because I didn't really go on a real date until I was like 21 when I could actually go out to bars and clubs even though everything closes at 2 a.m. in Boston. One particular date I remember I paid for everything and she made me help her move the next day and I never talked to her again, lol. *_*

Around the time when Facebook came out in college, I started becoming a keyboard jockey and picking up girls online. Then that later advanced to online dating when that became more popular. I was pretty good at it and I guess I was satisfied with that for a long time?

I met my first "real" girlfriend through this online game I play during my last years at college around 2008. We made plans to meet and I lost my virginity when I was 23 or 24 or so, late bloomer like I said, haha...I used the excuse that I was saving sex for when I was married or at least when I met someone I loved...I had opportunities to have sex before, but never took advantage of them especially considering I'd been to my fair share of strip clubs, but despite everything, I don't think I have any regrets.

This first girlfriend is my one-itis...We broke up the summer of 2008 and I am still not truly over her. If she asked me to get back together, I probably would and all the problems we had with long distance would still be there and I'm afraid it'd just be more trouble and heartbreak all over again...

In about the fall of 2009, I was well involved in a major subscription dating website and I met this Asian girl from New York City. I traveled the short train ride there from Connecticut, I moved back home after college, and she used me for sex lol...I know it sounds weird hearing a guy say that, but that's basically what happened. And I was sort of disappointed about it because at the least I thought I made a new fuck buddy or friend with benefits...When I asked her why she had sex with me, she said, "I wanted to know what it felt like to have sex like a guy...with no emotion attached."


Isn't that fucked up? lolololol...

I look back on it and laugh now, but back then it hurt to be honest. All those e-mails we exchanged and those late nights of instant messaging and talking on the phone all ended after one night. I guess I was on the rebound or something, maybe still am...

I was undeterred though. I went back on the site and I met another girl, this time in Rhode Island. She was a little more complicated - going through a divorce and had a kid. We were never actually official, but we were fuck buddies for lack of better definition. The first online long distance ex I mentioned was a solid 8 or higher, the one night stand was a 8.5 or so, but this last girl I had sexual relations with was a 6 or 7 at best.

Then after that year of sex or so I sort of hit a rut in my love life and the rest of my life in general. I was and still am stuck in a dead end job and haven't had sex in about more than half a year.

I decided I needed a change and got a transfer with my mechanic job and drove from Connecticut to Vegas. My car burned down with all my life's possessions in it, a DLV/DHV in disguise gambit I use during comfort. I started work at my new job August 1st and after around that time I started studying PUA seriously.

My stats in Vegas are:
4 number closes
Included is 2 kiss closes
0 full monty closes

I know this might not seem like a lot, but this is a lot for me...back in my college days I was lucky to get 4 numbers in a year let alone a kiss close. I don't even think I kissed a girl during my time in college...a stripper yes, but not a girl, haha...

Anyway, if you were bored enough to read all this, then feel free to reply. I'll be around these forums a lot, but I'm very selective about my postings...I've always been that way on forums...I know that's weird considering my online dating game is so strong and I'm so open with that. ; )

Wingmen/Wingwomen in new roommates are not as open to PUA as I hoped...I guess they're content AFC's like I used to be.

Well, take care and looking forward to meeting you all,