Living in San Diego

Greetings fellas. Living in San Diego, enjoying life in paradise. You gotta believe that there's a place where everyday is an adventure in excitement, cool happenings, and beautiful women. That place is here. And I'm glad to be a part of it. Born in Jersey, grew up in Pennsylvania, and traveled half way across the planet (thanks Navy) I've seen a ton of places, and nothing compares to living in SD.

I've been to college, PSU class of '98, working on a masters, and consider myself a student of the humanities, women especially. Damn, aren't they just the most fascinating thing on the planet? And the hottest too!

I spent years being a self-conscious, no confident, zero-game wuss. Had my share of lame 'thank god, lucky encounters, but never mastered my inner self until After I met that one chick. Yeah, you know the 'one'. The one that you think is worth all the sacrifice and compromise. The one you cut off you sack for and think it will all work out. Well, obviously it didn't, but I'm glad it didn't. Because without going into the horrifying details, that experience and living through it, taught me to be a better man.

Now I know the measure of my self worth comes from within, and self improvement is the game. All that breads confidence. And if it's one thing I've learned, Confidence is one thing women find irresistable.