Welcome to myself :) New to the game

Hi everyone

While reading the game by Neil Straus my thoughts were like "this can't be true!". After searching for a bit about the book I learned a bit more about this seduction community and bought the MM, which was really great to read.

A lot of it was obvious for me, but a lot of other things were new and now I'm starting to go from AC (I'm not frustrated) to PUA.

I never had any problems with seducing women, I consider myself really good looking (actually I see myself as one of the hottest people I know ) and my life is interesting enough to talk about for hours (don't get started about my ego... ).

After a relationship of two years I forgot how you go from C1 to C2, I consistently get stuck on the moment when we both know we like each other (body language, getting and giving an IOI at least every 2 minutes and talking for 20 minutes with nobody else, etc..). I just don't know what the next step is anymore, which really frustrates me, so I just walk away.

So there you have it, my biggest problem is that transition. When I get out to any place where there are women (that is not obvious as a physics and astronomy student, and another problem is that all my friends are AFCs (except one who also wants to become a PUA, so we made a deal to become each other's wingman)) I always make it to C1 with someone I want, but then I don't know how to advance and walk away... So this is where, I hope, you guys can help me

A little bit more about me:
- Physics and astronomy student, almost 20 years old
- Head of the student's squash association
- Head of the study association
- My own webdesign company
- Eager to learn anything I consider important. I set goals and do nothing else until I master it, I'm a real perfectionist