Life is what happens while you're making other plans... Nottingham.

I find myself here after reading 'The Game', as I'm sure many others are. I first read 'The Game' about two years ago and it put me on a path to self improvement. Along the way I seem to have wandered off. Now I'm back on the right path, although I am at the beginning of my journey. It seems all my friends have got boring, maybe they always were. I want some new ones. I have dated girls, but in truth not as hot as I would have liked.

I know I need Game.

I'm looking to do a boot camp and take it from there. While I'm saving I'll post my reports on here and hopefully meet a few guys from the area. I want to be comfortable around super hot girls and I would like to know what to say and do to attract them. As well as what not to do.

Mr. C