Hey TAF, it's pHUiii

Hey how are you all doing, I'll give a little background into who I am.
I'm currently 18 years old, grew up pretty socially awkward as I only had a few friends I kept along. Began reading various tips on the internet and hanging with genuine skilled social people and learned from their behaviour and how they interact.

I get along with people pretty well and I've enjoyed reading Magic Bullets alongside other things. As of now I wouldn't say I'm the best as I am quite average, but I've learned quite a lot about meeting women/girls in all different contexts and areas and I'm willing to learn more.

Currently in a LTM right now nearly 3 years with my girlfriend and I'm quite happy where I am. Very keen to learn more about attraction and how to develop the cold approach side of meeting women(no I don't cheat, but I do like to make friends). As I'm currently developing my social circle since I'm in final year of high school, then about to head into University I want to get my skills up to scratch and also would really appreciate some advice from experienced people whose been through these experiences.

Thanks again, and looking forward to learning more about this area of life ^^

- Phu