Another Guy in Sydney!

Hi all,
First off I'd like to say what a cool set up you all have here, and how excited I am to begin being involved.

My names Pixx, I'm 20 years old and I'm currently living in Lidcombe, near Homebush, Sydney.
I used to live in a small town in Manilla, in country NSW for those in Aus. I loved being active, playing a number of sports and also loved to run my imagination. During highschool I used this imagination in drawing. Lame-ish I know, but it was something I was pretty passionate about. I played hockey at a high-level, representing NSW and also Australia in a number of ages.
My family was pretty supportive of my lifestyle, however they wanted me to become an engineer or get into medicine etc. After I finished school, they had me apply to a number of uni's in NSW, having my preferences as their intended.. A last minute decision by me was to change them, to a Visual Design course at Western Sydney Uni, which I got into and I'm nearly finished my second year now.

I still play hockey in the Sydney first grade, and work part-time for a hotel in the city.

I'm pretty new at the game, but I'm some one who can become very passionate and committed. I guess you could say I'm a relatively attractive guy without being too arrogant, and I've had some luck with women, having bagged some HB 9's in my time. I generally used my confidence and ability to dance like an idiot to attract attention, however I'm very over that. After reading the game I figured that I naturally use the 'Cocky/Funny' method, but I'm interested in exploring the game a lot further.

If your interested in meeting up, or chatting to discuss anything, PM me or my email is

Thanks guys,
Hope to talk to you all at some stage soon,