Trazom is here.

I’ve never touched PUA material until about the last month. I only recently got interested in these communities within the last month or so after a tough breakup I had and decided I needed to get myself back to my prime. I was down on myself. My ‘inner game’ as you guys call it was broken. It’s all fixed now, and that’s the most important thing anyone has. If you are unsuccessful with women, it is because of bad or inconsistent confidence levels. From that, stems everything else.

I’m not a fan of routines, systems (although they make complete sense from a conceptual standpoint), etc. There is, from what I have read, excellent information. Priceless stuff really. I find from my observations though that so many people use these lines, routines, etc straight from the books/articles. That is wrong. Stop doing that.

Might it work sometimes? Yep…for the most part, it’s pretty good stuff. I’m just urging you to be more creative. Take the concepts of the routines, learn from them, and create your own spin-offs that work for you and mesh with your personality. You will come out far ahead of everyone who is using canned material. You stop ‘thinking’ about doing routines, what step you are at, what to do next. If you’re doing this stuff correctly, everything will end up flowing naturally after a few trials. Don’t be afraid of failing, you will.

This topic obviously does not apply to nearly everyone, but I honestly hear so much canned shit in bars/clubs that people are using and I have just started reading this stuff within the last month. Read the material don’t get me wrong, there is great information…but understanding and applying the concepts in your own context are what will make you a killer.

Who the fuck am I? A nobody to all of you. I’m a regular guy who has had crazy success with women ever since something clicked with me one day while I was in college. I never had ‘trouble’ with women, but I wouldn’t approach anyone, girls always came to me and I didn’t need to try. Beyond that, girls I got with were basically from social circles close to me. Well, shit…being so passive really limited my selection huh? Yep. So I changed that.

Why are you writing all of this anyway, Traz? I don’t want to say I’m a ‘natural’ because that comes off with the wrong tone. I’m an extremely analytical person, I read people well, and I pick up on the way things work with incredible ease. Applied to this sort of stuff, all of those qualities are golden. I learned for myself. Some great successes, some hilarious failures…all fun. Approach all of this as having fun.

That’s it for now, that is my introduction and I’ll begin posting on the boards with material and information that I think is good. I feel I have some newer concepts that I can bring to the table. I may post certain field reports, ‘routines’, conversations, etc. Feel free to use any of them, even though I urge people not to do that for your own sake. Good luck to everyone, I’ll see you around.