Ok let's finally do this

Hello all, this my second and hopefully final attempt at learning to use Love Systems!!! All last year I lived away from my pseudo-girlfriend but never went out and used the material. I have VERY recently just become single, and aside from being excited, its still very tough and foreign to me after all the years of being in a relationship (3+).

I am now wanting to fulfill some long time inner desires to learn about myself and grow as a man and a person. I'm 21 years old, and needing some help and support with learning to be interesting, hold a conversation, and most importantly CREATE ATTRACTION!!! I already have Magic Bullets, but right now I dont have ANY money (literally, 0) to buy any new materials, yet! I just got a new job in wireless sales so I am hoping that this new job will help to break me out of my shell and learn to talk to people. I am already making it a point to say hello to more people, and I am finding that while it can be scary, its fun!! So hello to all in the same boat, and I hope you and I both can find what we have been searching for and grow as people and men.