Greetings all

Hi there,
Logistically I live in south africa.

Up until 4 months ago I was an AFC of sorts.
A bit of a background.

I went to university in Cape Town (where meeting women didn't require any special skills) and had a good time. A few girlfriends per year was the norm. After all the girl to guy ratio in that city is 7:1 and if you take the gay population into account, more like 11:1.

Then I moved up into the Big City of Johannesburg. Where it was 1:1. And was single for a very long time. Breaking into new circles in this new city was not easy. By a stroke of luck a friend of a friend introduced me to the game, and I started reading. For the next month or so, I devoured The Game, MM, Tucker Max and every other text I could find.
Meanwhile I was going out on average twice a week with my few friends here outside of work.
A side note to my work. I work in the fashion industry, in the head office of the major brand company. There is about 200 girls and 10ish guys in my office out of which 5 are gay. Perfect ratio.
Onwards with my story. I would never game the chicks from work, as they are too valuable in other areas (organizing tickets to parties, social proof etc)
I would slowly incorporate what I have learned from the books into practice.
10 field reports later, I managed my first successful FC and even that felt like cheating.

My reason for joining is to get as good as possible at certain aspects of the game (mainly escalation and closure) as I am pretty confident (1.93m tall) and open with relative ease.

Hope my stay here is as good for you as it is for me.