What's up

Hi all!

I'm 23 and you can call me PussyMonster.

I'll just introduce myself by giving a little background. I first got into pick-up a couple months before heading off to college when I was 18. I was very AFC and still a virgin. I only had a couple of friends, neither of which ever had a girlfriend. I finally got laid then I couldn't stop getting laid.

I have to say, I never could have done it without Swinggcat's first ebook. Out of all the material I've ever come across, the meeting-to-sex scripts in Swinggcat's "Field Reports" in Chapter 20 of version 2.0 of his e-book and his "Part 5" in his first e-book are extremely effective and extremely complete from meeting until sex, and they're very effective online also. Got laid by 3 different girls in one month when I was 18-19 with the scripts, and then countless others once I started building a rep.

Those were the days. I'm getting back into it now as I've been out of the game for too long now and am horny as hell!

Lately I've been getting into Mystery's stuff, then I found this forum.