Hey Fellas

Hey peeps, this is your boy Andreas (a lot of people call me Dre). I live in NY and have been in the game for a while. I live for it. I've been part of the site for quiet a while actually but more in the backgrounds just reading threads and posts. I've decided that it's my time to start becoming an active and contributing member of this awesome community known as TFA. I'm an online poker player, thus I do a lot of online game since I'm on the computer for many hours a day, I go clubbing once or twice a week as well. I've learned as most of us have, that experimentation is the only way we'll ever know if something truly works. I'm always willing to listen to critique even if it's harsh, I'm not one of those sensitive guys who thinks he's always right. We're all here to grow as PUA's and make friends, exchanging ideas, information, and tips. Hope to see you guys in the forums, (i'm in the online forum a lot) and am happy to have the honor of learning from you greats. Dre, blastin off.