Blak is Bak!!

Hey guys.. I'm Blak, Bak from a long time of being here in the forums. I learned a lot here and then left to put it to good use. I've spent the last 2 years looking for a nice attractive babe to start a family with. If you haven't guessed, that hasn't happened yet since I'm here again. I have definately had a shit load of fun over the last couple of years though. I traversed the globe a bit and made it as far as Europe. Most ass I've ever hit in a 3 week period and the most diverse B) Tagged a couple of french girls (Ménage à trois style) that were backpacking through Germany. A russian coat check girl in a dead club, I had been hanging out and drinking with her brother, when him and his friends went out for a smoke, we hit the bathroom. ROFL.. A girl from Nebraska. I love this, I stopped them to ask where the damn street car was to get back to the train station and they had no idea what I was saying, Ich spreaken sie Deutch. They had just gotten there to goto collage and the girl I tagged was home sick.. it was way to easy. I also joined the mile high club on the plane back across the Atlantic with a German girl on her way to visit her sister in the states. I've had a few relationships after getting back that I devoted my time to since I had no reason to NEXT them for some time.. but eventually it had to happen. The last 2 actually NEXT'd me and that hurt a lot because I know I really loved them. But one didn't want to be in a relationship becasue she just divorced her husband and the other one well she got over on me and used me good, I got played by a female player. I know the shame of it all. (shaking head in shame.. lol)I think I didn't see it because I was still reelin over the girl before. At any rate.. moving on. I've lost my edge and came back to share what I've learned and to sharpen my blades as it were. I don't think I'll stop looking for the ultimate prize, but I'll be damned if I let another one get over on me again. After a certain point I stopped playing and got serious and then shit hit the fan. I'll never stop playing again. Lesson learned.