hey im tron, and im taking over these forums

Well due to the fact that my university grants me too much leisure time, and I do not play video games, I will instead focus on improving my life and improving these forums with my presence. (And hopefully get some girls, and a girlfriend to boot!)

I came here awhile ago and started posting, but then left them and "The Game" for a couple months to catch up on life.
Now Im back, and more interested then ever. (and ill be a moderator before you know it)

I owe my life to "The Game"
The Game, enabled me to hook up with twelve girls this summer,(all minimun a makeout, and not all of them sex) and gave me the confidence to do it.
I learned how to open, close, when to kiss, how to kiss, and even sex techniques, and will never forget my debt to these forums.

About me.

I live in Vancouver, BC. Canada. and am 18
I started modeling and "the game" about the same time.
Modeling really gives me an advantage over most guys, as I now know how to dress for all occasions, outdress people (my kind of peacocking), and to finally have the confidence in my looks. Thankfully, this is really one of the only DHV i need..., as the second I add girls to facebook and look at my pictures..they see my modeling

My Gaming history..

I started off reading of course "The Game" a friend of the forum here sent it to me. After that I was hooked.
I read david dellangelos books, magic bullets..blablabla LIST goes on.

My style is very cocky funny, yet always have room for the romantic side of me.

What I need to work on-
DaY twos, dating, asking out,

worked on my text game and it is 10000x better.

nice to meet you all again, and expect alot of posts from me in the next years to come. Im an extremely fast typer, and i Loveee forums.