Comeback and Jclutch

Hello everyone,

My name is Comeback I'm a 20 year old college student now in the process of joining the military. I would consider myself a natural since my personality is charming and cocky/funny on its own but I am getting into becoming a PUA because like all guys my game needs perfection. Its only been about a month since I started reading books by style, mystery, David Deangelo...etc. and I am already seeing MAJOR improvements. I can read a girls body language like a book now and I number close regularly.

Jclutch is my wingman. Hes a 21 year old college student whos getting ready to graduate and go to law school. (thats why hes making me introduce him, busy, busy, busy...) Hes a natural also but in different ways then myself. He got into all this at the same exact time I did and he kiss closes and number closes regularaly...almost daily actualy...BASTARD! haha

Anyway anybody in the North Jersey area who is also a PUA in training feel free to hit us up....