New and just want to say Hi to everyone!

Hello everyone, how are you doing? I'm new to this place and this is how I found the site; after reading Styles book, The Game and found out Mystery real name. I spent the entire day (well more like 3 days) searching and watching video of Mystery on Vh1, The Pickup Artist, searching and looking for website with tips, I even tried to see if Mystery Lounge still exist, and so in conclusion, I stumble across this site. I'm glad I've found such a site, lotta great advice!! I recently just ordered Rules of the game, NLP: The New Technology of Achievement, and The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed. I can't wait to read them when they arrived.

I was wondering if you guys have any other great books I can pick up at the bookstore to improve my games. By the way, I'm still confused with the process of pickup in the field. Is it Opener, Stack, look for IOI, show IOD, Kino Escalation, then seduction? or does the process varies/different depends on the situation? how many stack/IOD should I perform?

Btw, anyone located in San Jose, California? maybe we could help each other out!! =)
Thanks for reading and have a nice day everyone!