A change gonna come

Hi to all you cunning folk,

I'm new to pretty much all this stuff, having read The Game not an awfully long time ago, but I saw a little chink of light in its pages. I've read up enough to be familiar with most of the basic terminology and techniques, if not the relevant experience in the field. I've still yet to break that barrier, so I'm eyeing up various newbie breaking-in missions for size.

I'm currently languishing in the south of England, the wrong side of 30 years old, with little or no fucking game, and looking to change. The last few years have generally been quite testing - the break-up of a 7-year relationship for the sake of another one, which didn't work out, leaving me pissed off and fighting the banks to save both my house, business and savings. The architect of my own misfortune? More than likely, and that's why I'm picking myself up and trying to get some control. It's been a long while since i've been single, and any skills I once had have long since disappeared, but I'm willing to relearn.

I am seeing a girl off and on (though both still as confirmed singles), and nice as she is, I have a feeling that she might ultimately end up as a martyr to the cause, as being single is kinda new and exciting. I also regularly attend an outdoor fitness class (lead by serving British army members!!), and with the local student population, it's generally packed out with women, so it could be a good place to practice little bits of game in an environment less hostile than clubs. I do what I can, but my current socialising-to-score-approach isn't informed by PUA techniques, so it ain't leading anywhere very often. Yet.

As for my interests and the like, I am a freelance musician and artist by trade, running my own small online videogames company, and my work is largely my hobby too, especially where music is concerned. Following a number of tendon-snappin' problems, I'm pretty interested in getting back into field sports to lose some weight from sitting around at work, though I'm not a natural athlete, and not especially competitive. It's all good, though.

I'll be surprised if anyone is bothered enough to read all that nonsense, but I look forward to learning off you guys - cheers!

Mr Glide