lucky but unskilled from holland

Hi guys,

I've read some books on pickup like the game, the mystery method, the art of seduction... I've watched some video seminars by Hypnotica, Neil Strauss and David Deangelo. However I never got to the point of actually using the material. I got back into this because recently something happened which has happened quite often to me, but I never know how to deal with it. The thing is, I'm a really good dancer. When I go to a club and do my thing there will be a lot of turning heads. Sometimes a really beautiful girl will approach me, with a request like "can you do that again for me please", but sometimes also much more aggressive like "you are just perfect". I don't know how to handle this situation, and answer something stupid like "well thank you" and walk away. Instead of being happy that I get approached by a beautiful girl I will feel depressed by my incompetence. Of course I also need to improve the skill of approaching woman myself (which I never do :-(). I also want to be less dependent on the dancing part, maybe save it as a surprise for a second date, instead of showing my best card first. I'm really bad at communicating with words (small talk), when I kiss with girls in the discotheque it is often without having exchanged many words. I believe this is why I have also experienced buyers remorse too often I hope this forum will provide me a friendly hand in overcoming these problems.