Nationz' game

Hello everyone I'm Mark I'm 18 and I live in Montreal, Canada by the way I'm not french Canadian I'm actually Russian "not adopted lol"

To tell you the truth I don't remember how I found out about "the game" but the first ebook I ever reed was the modern men it actually gave me a little bit more knowledge about women This was probably like 11 months a go. Now, 2 months a go I stumbled on the term "pick-up artist" I got curious and started to research about it. I found mystery's reality show and watched both seasons from there I decided to read about his method it was pretty simple in my opinion and I think I could start working with that. By the way I didn't know about the term "pick-up artist" when I was reading the modern men's ebook I thought I was reading about women psychology or some shit like that.

Edit: Oh By the way I'm reading the book "the game" from Neil Strauss "style" and I heard rumors that they will make a movie is it true? Because that will be cool especially the part when they go to Russia to pick up women and they get stooped by cops 3 times lol.

Why I want to learn how to be a PUA?
Well, why not? learning something new in life won't kill you. I don't have a big problem with women but the thing is I always get stuck in friend zone :S
there's some other reasons but that's enough for now I think

my hobbies are practicing sports and programming I'm actually starting college soon in computer science "I'm not a nerd okay!"

My goals are to build a bigger social circle and not get stuck in friend zone anymore lol

I think that's pretty much it

Edit: I just saw that there's 2,307 guests on this forum :O I feel useless now haha

Thanks for reading and I'm sorry for any grammatical mistakes,