New to the Game

I'm a big guy. I mention that first because, in a way, it's the most important. It compromises my style, my psyche, and the activities that I would consider when being with women or even friends. I'm a sophomore in college, and I've joined a couple people (one for dieting and one for working out) to help keep me to a schedule. Hopefully, by this time next year, I will have made some necessary changes.

I'm a sophomore in college and my majors are Political Science and History. This is, at times, a burden. The first issue is that these are serious subjects (I'm not doing marketing or fashion design) that require a time and lifestyle investment that is very limiting. The second issue, and perhaps more important, is that women have a tendency to come off as very... sad. I will treat women well and with respect, but for the most part I am let down by conversing with them. I don't know 'routines,' and so I only do them to the extent that one does them without study. What that means is I have a bad habit of trying to be serious and find out if a woman is actually intelligent... few are. That makes them less desirable to me (looks are a subject of initial attraction, but beautiful women aren't rarities and so don't really carry much intimidation like they seem to for some) on a "real level."

I'm not interested in bedding women. It's uninteresting to me. I'm not a virgin (something I regret), but the thought of taking more women for physical pleasure isn't really attractive. It's too basic... not really what I'm looking for. I read on here that there's some sort of "20 hour rule" for sex, but I don't find there to be much of anything in it except for the psychological "I'm a man so I can sex you" message. This isn't to say that I'm not going to have sex with a girl again - that's silly - only that I'm not here because I'm desperate for a lay.

What I am looking for... I want to be charming. I've been called charming by women, but I want to have the ability to actually seduce them without really "closing." I want to hold the attention of groups and have the admiration of men and women. This is a sort of political goal for me... I want to improve how I am with people.

And so I want to spend this year studying. While I work out and diet to make my physical self more attractive, I want to learn about how to be a better conversationalist... I want to be more entertaining, more interesting, and so on. Recommendations on where to start reading would be fantastic.

So there it is... this is not entirely my personality, it is just the truth. In reading this, it's definitely possible that there's a vibe of negativity, but I wouldn't call that indicative of my character. I'm actually a pretty upbeat guy. It probably also has an air of superiority to it... which is sometimes accurate. Anyway, I look forward to learning from you all and bettering myself as I know I am able.

Best wishes,