Hello everyone....

Good Morning to all,

The name is Larfleeze and I am new to this board. A little info about myself. I was born, raised and still live in Chicago,IL. I am a 39 year old, black male. I have never really been very good with women although I am told I am attractive, smart, decent, blah blah blah. Any dating or relationships that I have had were the result of just stumbling into a situation. They rarely lasted or were very fulfilling. As I near 40 I want to get this part of my life handled. I see such beautiful women out here and wonder why I am always alone. So I have made a ommitment to get out here and date and have fun with attractive, fun and sexy women. Hope to hear from other people in the community, particularly if you are from Chicago. I will definitely be posting all my efforts, trials and tribulations on the boards.