Rawr im lion

21 5'8 130 pounds white skinny kid from Lancaster PA.

I believe i am a natural who lost his talent. As a child i was seriously outgoing and likable. When i got into highschool i shut down and began to become very introverted.. i saw it happen and did nothing to stop it.

After college i noticed people around me with uncanny abilities to get girls and i never understood it.

Now months later i have read almost everything there is to read and begun my own saga of PUA. My inner game has taken over and now i barely feel like im trying, but with wild success.

Im looking for a wing near my area. Hopefully someone more experienced than i. 21-29, no younger i love bar game, and no older becuase i look like im 15 as it is. Hanging around with a 30+ would make us both look silly.

anyways, hi! i posted a story in the in-field section about my lay.. a few hours ago lol Please PM me if you fit my wing requirements!