Sweet Child In Time

My opener here is; some of you might have heard of me before.

I am from the netherlands, still pretty young and already pretty sick of not being able to actually 'capture' a girls heart. So far all I've ever gotten to are one night stands and little flings, never anything serious (well I'm only 18 and I still have the time).

My problem has always been that I can't really hold on to a girl because I have this annoying habit of falling in love with a new girl every single day, making me chase way too many girls, with always a few of them ending up making out with me but afterwards never calling me back. ---> that sucks big time, some of them were really awesome.

My brother gave the mystery method to help me improve my social dynamics and learn how to actually manage to build up a relationship with content, instead of a one-night-stand.

Now, the books read, the message is clear, I am your typical fool's mate (skips comfort stage to go directly from the short attraction part, into a fading seduction part in which usually alcohol takes its part as well).

With me joining this community I hope to be able to compare dating results, gaming results etc. to see where I'm heading for, and hopefully making it able for me to find that one true beautiful girl (both outter and inner beauty) that belongs to me, instead of just being one of the seductionvictims they would probably end up to be before I read the book.

Also, I just like to chat and share ideas about how to bring openers, cool one-liners, fun games to play with a girl to build comfort, the best way to seduct a girl in the end and the difference in approaching different types of girls (as I found that the mystery method was quite stereotyping in girls, e.g., what about very religious girls? They may want to do you in the end, but still refuse based on their beliefs..)

Anyway, long intro, that was it.

Much love,