Its time to Live !!

Hi everybody,
Thought I would just write a short post and tell you all a little about myself.
I live in 1 of the best countries for good looking women (Sweden) and I am tired of not being in the game so I have come here to learn the game and start playing the Field !!!.
I came out of a long term relationship back in 2007 and trying to get in to the game is hard. I seem to have lost all me skills which I thought I had, but reading the threads on here I was not really in the game.!!
So what I looking for, well miss right, but on the way to finding her I want to have some fun .
I see too many of my friends settling down and getting married having kids but to be honest I think a lot of the time its becuse they have just given up and settled for what ever.
I only gert 1 chance in life and I am gonna get what I want from it, and I am hungry for it!!
I go out most weekend only to come home alone, I am tired of this!!
My friends including girl friends say I must have a new girl every nice because of me being English and lliving in a Foreign country, I have even been described as excotic by 1 friend. I wish this was the case but I am far from that !!!.
I have very intense blue eyes and I know a lot of people notice this, this I just 1 of my talents. i know I can do and I know that I must believe in my self, I want to make a change and I hope by joining you guys on here and learing the game I can become a master of THE GAME.

Best of luck to all you PUA out there and I look forward to hearing and sharing with you experiences in the field