Hello from Seattle

What's up everyone. It's hiroller. Iím 36 years old (although I look 25 years old due to the ďAsian DiscountĒ). I live in Downtown Seattle. Throughout high school and college, I did okay with girls, hooking up with a mix of minority and white girls (about 60/40). However, I met most of these girls through social circles (friends, fraternity, etc.) About 5 years ago, my career as an IT consultant crashed and burned as well as I ended my LTR from college. Life sucked then. Focusing on my financial area of my life, I was able to rebuild my IT consulting career over the past 3 years at the cost of my health (ballooned to 205 lbs.) as well as no social life. Recently I got back into shape (I am now down to 175 lbs.) Now I want to get my social and relationship area in balance. However, most of my social circle are either married or in LTRs with very limited number of single friends.

I read the Game and started reading e-books. I even tried self-study courses (Mind of Mystery, StyleLife). I'd go into field and apply these lessons. Although it helped with AA, it still did not get me past Opening. I've never been a bookworm or an academic (I was lucky to even graduate college!) I learn more from active participation. After two years of trying it out on my own, I decided to sign-up for a bootcamp. I recently completed the ABCs of Attraction bootcamp in Los Angeles and am even more motivated than ever to develop my PUA skills and improve my dating life. My goal is to meet other like-minded people on the boards. I look forward to learning and sharing field reports with everyone.