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    Hi everyone, my name is Shaun. I live near to London/Brighton, it changes. I'm a 21 year old guy who's only had one girlfriend and that was from my very insular friend group. When that broke up my friendship group became difficult to be around. I was never a particularly social perosn at school, I'm still quite quiet and reserved.

    I found out about PUA from some videos on the internet, I think from trying to find out how to make some new friends. I read alot about it and learned many of the basic principles and ideas, if not the routines. I met up with some other aspiring PUAs and they helped me to pull off a few approaches with openers but nothing more than that because I ejected. They also showed me this website.

    I've been reading lots from the newbie forum, it kind of gives me a bit of hope. I've started being a bit more confidant and assertive, I've tried to kino a bit more, or basically not be afraid to kino and do other things. I've also stared going to the gym, wearing contact lenses and other things to improve my appearance and general lifestyle.

    My main problems are my failure to approach, and my lack of social circle and experiences. I have no idea how to create DHV stories from my life, how to tell them, or get into an area where they might come up in a coversation.

    These forums have given me real hope that my social life isn't FUBAR and that I can make things happen.

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    Hey Shaun

    Make sure you check out the book Magic Bullets - that will take you a long way with this - will answer all the questions you've hinted at above.

    It's never FUBAR'd, believe me.
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