>>subtle's intro<<

>>subtle's intro<<

Discuss >>subtle's intro<< at the Introductions within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; &gt;&gt;subtle's intro&lt;&lt; Hello all, I first came across to this community a year ago by ...

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    >>subtle's intro<<

    Hello all,

    I first came across to this community a year ago by sheer luck when i was on the internet. This past year i’ve been reading and looking up stuff on the web about pickup, seduction, social circles.. etc. i was smashed when i was first reading mystery’s and style’s material on the old accounts… :O lately i ordered “the game” by style and found it a fascinating work and a true show of man determination, lol . it was a big relief to discover that there were people who worked on this subject and helped others like us….and helped them get solid results.I’m now planning to get magic bullets, since i want to get really good after all those inspiring stories , i want to learn this precisely and later turn it natural. I also have to say the whole female psychology and seduction thory are a great intrigue for me x) personally, my end game goal is not just getting girls, i believe this will improve my overall value as a person, and thus the quality of my life. Now, a little about me: Ive been a member of this forum for a few weeks now, i hadnt been so actively reading and keeping up with the stuff here, as i have pretty much to do about college selection and blabla, im (hopefully) starting my first year on campus…Well, to start with, i get constant compliment for my looks and clothing from females,; ive been into sports since childhood ( Ive done swimming, played basketball,football-as our national,natural sport lol-,ive took place in the athletics team in my school,ive done archery and played badminton..blablabla and recently i took up tae-kwon-do xD ) , and ive been working out for over a year now, i have a fit and muscular body. In the last months ive thrown off my glasses and switched to lenses, which everyone accepted immediately. I believe i am somewhat handsome, i dont want to sound braggy and all, but thankfully im confident in that matter. My issue is that when i look back i see i didnt spend much time fooling around with girls, a regret. I have attracted girls and had some girlfriends in the past, but of course i wished they were hotter/better challenge. Another point is that i cant (enoughly) seem to communicate my sexuality, somehow. And i plan to overcome that. I just graduated from high school, english is my second language and I live in Turkey, but i think i have a grip of the language as much as some native speaker,after long yars of practice of course…so thats a plus i guess,and i can also write and speak a little bit of french. Almost no one knows about the game in Turkey, but there are a lot of naturals…anyway i can still say theres minimum competition here. Thats why i am more eager hahah well, i would appreciate any advice and material that i can read/watch from you guys here. I believe now at the campus its a brand new start, and its exciting that i know much more than i ever did before xD well,eh..cheers !

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    Hey Subtle.


    Stick around, take in the advice and get practicing - you'll find it a huge advantage in your life.
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