The judge's Entrance

The judge's Entrance

Discuss The judge's Entrance at the Introductions within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; The judge's Entrance Third person introductions. I know, so pretentious. Using the word pretentious is ...

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    The judge's Entrance

    Third person introductions. I know, so pretentious. Using the word pretentious is pretentious. I must have some fucking ego to make a thread with a title like that. And be self-centred to go on like this about myself for ages (a sentence CAN seem like a lifetime). But guess what? It's my thead bitches! It's the one time I get to do this!

    Hi there.

    My name's the judge. I'm a pretty boy who casually began to learn the ropes of being a PUA 2 years ago. I read the books, followed all the masters and became all that I wanted. I never joined the community and kept this insecure and introvert part of my life secret from the world. I am only registering here now because I feel I have things to share with all of you. And things to learn.

    If any of you have got this far, well done! Don't stop reading now. FOCUS

    My ego was content with knowing I can sleep with anyone I like, rather than going out and ruining people's friendships and actually sleeping with them. Then I thought, why am I the burden? PUA 101. Value.

    So I treaded the water of the sex scene. I read more books. I absorbed. I trialed and tested. I improved. Registering here. This is me trying to relay some of the things I have learned about sex and fingering technique. Like playing a double-bass, but one that reacts to your lightest touch. About giving women far more mind-blowing orgasms than any pretender PUA can comprehend, and getting whatever you want in return. There is no limit. Nod to the Gods, and realise. Perfection is obtainable.

    Peace out guys

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    Hey Judge.

    Glad to have you - make sure that you read the FAQ, and hopefully we can see you contributing some good stuff
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