In the beginning..

I have been studying PUA, NLP and other phycology material for quite some time, but have yet to "pull the trigger" on performing as a PUA. I guess motivation to rid myself as a ACF, I wanted to say hello as the start and make this day as my beginning.

My largest problem I think is the fact that I hate bars and clubs. I honestly have no idea how anyone can hear anything once they walk in with out pecking in and showing a lower value until you adjust your hearing to the environment. By this time, you have all ready displayed to the room you are here alone (as most of my buddies are married or act as a complete A.D.D spaz out as a wing so I need to go alone). I could use some help on that issue.

Anyways, I've been Mr. Nice guy for too long and it has gotten me no where. Now is the time to make my move into the game. Feel free to post or link to any information that might have been highly useful to you when you first started out. I plan to study long and hard. I'm not going to loose at this game!