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    I listened to the whole thing and thought it was good.
    The complaints about the recording, there are some minor annoyances, the worst being in the end of track 8(at the 4:50 mark) where there is something like a hair drier running in the background(the sound is very muffled but still irritating). But overall I had no problem listening to the audio.

    As for the info, it's quite good, what I liked the most is:
    Track 1: there is no magic pill, you just have to do it, so get yourself moving and approach. This is key.
    Track 7: the importance of HAVING FUN when in field. Standing around like a loser will make you one. This advice is money.

    What is missing:

    They could have talked about the 3 sec. rule. One of the reasons for this rule is to get over AA, don't give your brain time to outrationalize you. Don't think too much(within reason, there are sometimes real reasons for not approaching). Another thing that Mystery taught: train approaching like a reflex(imagine someone throwing a key into your face and you catch it with the hand). You have to start training this reflex: see a good set -> go open immediately. Don't think too much. As always this is within reason.

    EDIT: Overcoming AA has to be a part of your gameplan. So when you go out into the field you already know how you are going to cope with it, like using the 3 sec. rule or whatever.

    Hope that helps.

    PS: What I learned from the negative reviews, always take other people's words with a grain of salt. The only way to get an accurate picture is to look for yourself. Btw, I still respect the other viewpoints since everyone sees things in a different light.

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    I hear you cerebrum. There have been other products that got panned on the forums that I learned a lot from. I would encourage people interested in the topic to try this out and respond with what they think, since Love Systems honors a solid return policy, its very low risk.

    Your tone of respectful disagreement was admirable, and one person who replied on this thread could learn something from it.

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