Elgin, Illinois AFC seeking mentor/wing/whatever

Sup Chicagoland peeps. I'm an AFC in recovery, interested in pushing comfort barriers, I had low self esteem most of my life, then I started working out 6 months ago and I'm on the road to being in shape. I'm a virgin, never had a girlfriend, I've never even kissed a woman. Despite these rediculous faults I still manage to go out solo and not get blown out.

I fake it pretty well, and I'll get over my sticking points and lose my virgin status soon, but I'd rather have it happen sooner, and I really need to go out with people who understand social dynamics in order to progress faster.

The best thing I have going for me is that I just don't give a fuck anymore, and I don't let my inner AFC compromise my frame because I might offend someone or embarass myself, Style says push it 20% further - and I push hard.

I live in Elgin Illinois, Northwest suburbs of chicago, I'm 22. PM me for info.