NW 'burbs winging

What's up people,

I'm out in the NW burbs ~20mins from O'hare looking for like-minded individuals to hang with. I'm 29, ex-pua, I helped a friend with his coaching service for a while, but after I had internalized everything I got out of the game.

That was a long time ago! My game is rusty, i'm overweight and out of shape, putting all the bricks back in place after being in an LTR for a while.

Mostly interested in finding work out or fitness buddies, or to exchange ideas and lend motivation. If you want a wing, I'm pretty comfortable winging in any setting, I'm just not interested in closing for myself right now.

Again, I'm just in it to shake off the cobwebs and start running my mouth again, getting in shape is priority one for me right now.