Stir Event in Chicago - Sept 12. Anyone going/interested in going?

This is happening at The Barrelhouse Flat on lincoln from 6 to 9 on Sep 12 (a Tuesday night). Just want to see if anyone else in Chicago has signed up for this thing. The sign up list is closed, however since I got my name on the list, I can put two other people on the list for the event.

I think this will be pretty legit. It's basically a happy hour with lots of single women looking to meet guys. At first I was gonna lone wolf this thing (and still will if i have to) but after thinking it over, I realized that having a wing or two for this would be a good idea. I highly doubt that most women going to this thing will come alone and there's a good chance of there being mixed sets as well.

So if you're a cool guy with nothing going on that Tuesday night, you're up for some beer, food, and a good time, and want to meet some ladies at this free event, then hit me up.