New to the OC, and New to the game looking for wings or to wing

Hi guys, I am new to the OC, I am originally from Hawaii. I've been learning about the PUA arts for about 6 months now but haven't really worked at it for the last couple of months because I was working on my move to here.

So here I am and I am looking for guys to hook up with and hit the fields with. I do have a lot to learn, but I've always been fairly good looking, can dress up well and haven't had to much of a hard time with the ladies. My past successes with the ladies have been because I naturally did what the arts teach you about. However I haven't been all that lucky and I have miss many awesome opportunities.

So long story short I am looking to get in the game and out in the field so that I can practice and learn more.

I have a lot of time as of now and can go out any night.